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Encountering Fateful Inspiration

Vincent van Gogh, Auguste Renoir, Gustave Caillebotte, Gustav Klimt and Henri Matisse. MUSE is an invitation to the moments of 5 masters’ inspiration. Art is not to see with our eyes, but to embrace with our heart.


Enjoy masterpieces of five masters who immortalized their inspiration. MUSE will provide immersive experience that stimulates all your senses.

  • ▪︎ A multisensory exhibition with immersive technology
  • ▪︎ Technology devoted to present masters’ inspiration
  • ▪︎ Interactive installations, Photo zones for amusement
  • ▪︎ Providing technology support
  • ▪︎ Appealing to family entertainment and young generation
  • ▪︎ Combination of most widely loved European painters
  • ▪︎ Adoptable at any size of space with multiple package
  • ▪︎ Supporting promotion and MD
  • ▪︎ Available in most cities since it’s new


Instead of silently seeing masterpieces afar in the museums, visitors venture into an exciting new world where enjoying art is possible. MUSE uses immersive technology to invite the visitors to where and when the artists were inspired. Every aspect of experience has been designed to better understand each artist’s life and inspiration. As visitors are encouraged to actively participate in the exhibition, they will find themselves enjoying and understanding the artists' inspiration. A multisensory experience lifts art exhibits and presentations to a new level and truly immerses visitors in five unique artist’s colorful world and art.


“Your movement becomes art here.” Vincent van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” and Henri Matisse’s “Cut-Out” dance with visitors’ gesture. And every step you take in Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” creates the unique flow of its golden wave. MUSE provides 3 sections for experiencing interactive art contents.


Many millennials believe that if you can't share your experience on social media, then it never happened. MUSE is the one to be realized as their desire to decorate SNS. Visitors enjoy not only seeing MUSE but also capturing unique moments of being in the exhibition. MUSE had a great success on marketing millennial-targeted as more than 20,000 Instagram posts were resulted and this will be a great marketing tool for you too.

Tour History

▪︎ Seoul Art Center (Korea): Dec 28, 2017- Mar 11, 2018 ▪︎ Beijing 798 Art Center (China): Aug 13, 2018- Nov 13, 2018

General Information

Space Required 1,300m² (Full-version)   /   1,000m²  /   500m²   /   Inquire about feasibility if less than 500m²

Technology Projection, Mapping, Interaction, Gobo lighting

Installation Basic Technical Support provided

Materials (Sources) Contents and promotion related, designs of merchandising

Royalty Varies to floor spaces

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